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Hailing from the UK and Greece, The Yard Woman is an up and coming DJ and producer. After years of DJing in clubs in Bristol (UK) such as Motion, Lakota & Blue Mountain, she decided to switch it up from drum & bass, push the boundaries of techno and transfer some of that Bristol energy into her techno sets and own productions! Her sound could be described as a balancing act between Techno and House with punchy vocals , choppy breaks and colourful synth stabs. 

MERAKI: What made you want to become a DJ?

The Yard Woman: 5 years ago I came to the realization that dancing in nightclubs gave me a sense of home and made me feel in tune with life, more than any other activity or experience. The opportunity to curate a sonic soundscape for a crowd that is looking to both connect and escape reality at the same time inspires me to become a DJ and producer!

MERAKI: Where’s your favourite place to dance?

The Yard Woman: I am gonna have to give it to Motion Nightclub in Bristol! This club makes you feel like you are at the right place, at the right time! The atmosphere created in this spacious grande club can be compared to the hype and excitement in festivals! What a luxury to be able to feel like you are at a festival on a regular club night !

MERAKI: Who’s your favourite DJ to see live?

The Yard Woman: B.Traits is legendary! Her techno set at Motion last year was inspiring to say the least! The journey was groovy but dark and every transition was very much intended! A fusion of techno with hints of breakbeat! Just my cup of tea....

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