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‘Write! Paint! Mix!’ exclaims Stella Z’s Soundcloud bio - a multidisciplinary creative soul Stella carved out her career as a fashion blogger in China, her homeland, a place close to her heart and a huge influence on her musically. Flowing from leftfield house to space techno, acid house and afro beats Stella’s mixes take you on, in her words, ‘an unexpected journey of a day in Mars’.

Below she tells us who inspires her, her favourite DJ to see live and what makes Djing special for her.

MERAKI: Who inspires you?

STELLA: It has to be my dad who fed me with China's early dance and house tracks when i was a kid. He even got me to imitate and play on the keyboard with the same tunes. They were mostly italo and disco inspired house tracks in the 80s China. This turns out to be my all time favourite genre and I often go back to those good old days tracks in my mix and set now.

MERAKI: Who is your favourite DJ to see live?

STELLA: Honey Dijon. She is the ultimate party DJ with her energy flows to your cell, blood and soul. In her set, not only music can be the energy built up, just like the famous Martin Luthur King, Jr. speech out of nowhere ignites the whole room every time.

MERAKI: What's the most important thing about DJing to you?

STELLA: Taking the audience on a journey and seeing them dance to each other and really enjoy themselves rather than facing the DJ and dance to the shoulders (LOL).

You can find Stella on Instagram, Soundcloud and her Website

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