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Our third mix in our mix series comes from young North London based duo Silk Salvo. Comprised of Arthur Avanzato and Zadi Dzihan, the pair have been making music together since their late teenage years. Initially coming together as a producer/ songwriter duo it was inevitable that they would start DJing. Their selections explore heavy percussion, often influenced by latin and afro music with this exclusive mix featuring more breakbeat techno.

Listen below and read more about what exctes them and where they go to dance.

MERAKI: What record label excites you the most at the moment?

ZADA: ‘No Particular Order’ a really cool London based label curated by a mix of close-knit music lovers. Threading genres of all kind, this label host nights of music provided by residents such as ‘Tibasko’. This electronic duo produce such addictive tunes, fusing breakbeat techno with futuristic melodies. The first song I heard of theirs was ’Alma’, an atmospheric and tropical vibe which I find myself craving from time to time. Really recommend having a listen to the synergy in this duo, it will be a hypnotising experience. This music hub create a space for people to immerse themselves in music they love. They seek outlets for fresh music and up and coming artists, delivering nights for unique creatives to thrive and expand. If you are in need of a place to indulge yourself in music you love, I definitely recommend keeping an eye out for what’s to come with this label, you’ll leave an event of theirs with double the energy you arrived with!

ARTHUR: It’s the year of the rat and one label that is really demonstrating this is RATFACE RECORDS. Since its birth earlier this year, Ratface has rapidly grown a strong following making this a promising year for them. Started by a close friend of mine at uni with an emphasis on a multigenre ethos, this label is a reflection of the incredibly diverse city we live in, which is full of different scenes, subgenres, styles, you name it. So each week you may listen to music that you are unfamiliar with, which can be a real inspiration and an eye opener. I am looking forward to seeing what they have in store for the future. Definitely expecting some exciting events around SE London and hopefully beyond.

MERAKI: What was the last record you bought?

ARTHUR: Last time I went digging, I ended up buying 12 records which definitely put a strain on my muscles as well as my bank account for that day. Out of those twelve, the one that has me dancing no matter how many times I listen to it is Rafael Cancian’s “Ç’est La Douceur”. The punchy bassline, choppy piano and frisky French vocals jumping in and out of the track was no doubt an attention grabber. You pretty much cannot go wrong playing this song, it’s just such an addictive track.

MERAKI: What Inspires you?

ZADA: Seeing people relate to the unified feeling music can bring. My inspiration is rooted in producing and creating sounds that people can absorb with all of their senses and connect with on a deeper level. The thought of how an artist can channel authentic and beautiful pieces of work that inspire and excite so many people is a huge driver for me. Basically, the backbone of my inspiration is dancing everyday with people and getting lost in sound together.

MERAKI: Where’s your favourite place to dance?

ZADA: Anywhere and everywhere.

ARTHUR: Hands down, The Cause. In my opinion, it’s what they’ve done outside of events that is so inspiring. By supporting local businesses, arts projects and charities, they show how clubs can be really engrained in the community they’re located within. This club and the people who form some sort of connection to it, whether it may be from the inhouse radio station or dog training centre, create an ecosystem which runs not only during the night but throughout the day as well. So having everyone together, regulars and non-regulars under one roof on New Year’s Eve for a 24hr rave was definitely one of my favourite memories at this venue.

Find them on Instagram Arthur / Zada and Soundcloud

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