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Updated: Mar 14, 2020

The first in our mix series is from resident and co-founder, Megan Leo.

The mix encapsulates the type of music that Megan Leo plays in her DJ sets; its a dynamic, late night energy that will keep you dancing until sunrise.

Read more about Megan Leo and listen below.

MERAKI: What’s the most important thing about DJing for you?

MEGAN LEO: For me, it’s the opportunity of making people even happier than when they walked in. That’s such a powerful thing for me - having the ability to do that through the music you select is just magical.

MERAKI: What’s your first memory of music?

MEGAN LEO: My first memory of music is actually my earliest memory too! I remember sitting on my Grandad's knee when I was a toddler, and he was showing me all his records. Mainly disco and Motown. I remember it vividly like it was yesterday. Music has been such a big part of my life and from an early age I always knew I wanted to DJ - I definitely think that early moment helped shape my life. Weird isn’t it?

MERAKI: What’s your most memorable dance floor moment?

MEGAN LEO: In March 2012, I opened Sankeys in Manchester. It was one of my favourite clubs and to be able to play there was such an incredible experience. Dinky was headlining and her set just completely blew me away. Towards the end of her set, she played Strings of Life and it actually reduced me to tears (of happiness)! She completely touched my soul that night with her selection and mixing and has been a massive inspiration to me ever since. Would love the opportunity to warm up for her :)

Find Megan Leo on Instagram & Soundcloud

You can hear Megan Leo play alongside some of our other favourite local artists at our Open Decks sessions every Tuesday from 7pm at Four Quarters in Peckham. Follow our Instagram for more information @merakicrew__

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