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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Our latest edition in our mix series is from co-founder and resident at SOBA - A not for profit charity night based at Folklore, Hackney. Raising money for charities such as Headway East, Young Urban Arts Foundation and Save The Children - Syria Crisis. Lora is a regular on the London circuit and we are very excited to share this special mix with you all.

MERAKI: Who’s your favourite DJ to see live?

Lora Mipsum: Have always been a huge huge fan of Eris Drew. The energy and passion she gives off when she plays is just so different to anything I’ve seen before.

MERAKI: What was the last record you bought?

Lora Mipsum: A re-issue of Earthlink - Spectral EP originally released on Thunk Recordings in 1996. Amazing EP and buzzing it’s been re-issued!

MERAKI: What was the last track you put on repeat?

Lora Mipsum: To be honest I am totally obsessed with anything and everything Bliss Inc is putting out at the moment, he’s producing some insane synthy trance numbers, which I can’t stop listening to. Also buzzing for his new release Hacking the Planet coming out on Radiant Love soon. Definitely not one to miss.

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