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Growing up on the island of Ibiza music is all Harvey La Plage knows. Balearic beats, housey grooves and cheeky thumping underground beats have been etched into his soul by a family who have been in the business for as long as he can remember. Now based in London with a vast collection of vinyl that’s been obsessively built on since being inherited five years ago, Harvey’s influences have grown to include weird and wonderful minimal grooves mixed with soulful & groove house and breakbeat.

Harvey’s energy is unmatched on both sides of the decks, a ray of Ibiza sunshine on the dancefloor, we are excited to be able to share this exclusive mix with you. Enjoy the vibes while you learn a bit more about Harvey La Plage.

MERAKI: What was the last record that moved you?

HARVEY LA PLAGE: Cobblestone Jazz - Peace Offering

MERAKI: Where’s your favourite spot to buy records?

HARVEY LA PLAGE: I have two favourites Palace vinyl in Crystal Palace and Phonica in Soho, both have amazing selections but if you want to discover tunes that no ones heard of defiantly Palace.

MERAKI: What record label excites you the most at the moment?

HARVEY LA PLAGE: Butter Side Up, they’ve only had 4 releases but wow every one Bangs.

You can find Harvey La Plage on Soundcloud + Instagram

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