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Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Our second mix comes from Peckham based producer Feon. Having released two EPs with Glasgow's Optimo Music and an album due for release later this year his music has been described as 'original, idiosyncratic, psychedelic, full of imagination'.

We are honoured to hear Feon mix at our open decks night and to have a special mix created especially for us to share with you here. We asked Feon about his earliest music memories and what music moves him - read below as you enjoy his mix.

MERAKI: What was the last record that moved you?

FEON: Occasionally I come across a song that provides a genuine moment of transcendence. These are rare moments, and so they should be. The last time it happened was on a Spotify 70's funk exploration. Whose That Lady (Parts 1&2) by The Isley Brothers was playing and as soon as that wailing phased gtr solo started getting into fifth gear i was in the trance! It's that perfect combo of control and chaos, control in the tight groove that underpins and supports the wildness of that searching and soaring gtr. I've included it in my mix, I hope you feel the same thrill I get when I hear it

MERAKI: whats your first memory of music?

FEON: I get my musical influence from my mum, she’s a singer in The Bach Choir. My earliest music memories are her listening to records in the car, such eighties greats as Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Genesis, Duran Duran and a whole raft of beautiful classical music. Tone and harmony are my formative musical qualities.

MERAKI: whats been your most memorable dancefloor moment?

FEON: In honour of Andrew Weatherall, who passed away this week, I have to mention the many totally epic, brilliant moments of ecstasy i have experienced at his legendary 'A Love From Outer Space' nights. His extraordinary ability to build a entrancing kind of pressure in the club, slowly and patiently creating what i called “euphoric chug” over the course of the night. Slow, meditative, grounded in rhythm, cosmic and joyful. We’ve lost one of the great creators of those special dancefloor moments. He will be sadly missed.

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