• Meraki


A newbie on the scene Duo provides the worldly sounds of all the houses from Deep, Afro, SA, to Tech, Garage and Funky. A curious soul, duo is all about exploring forgotten sounds and bringing those back to the surface.

MERAKI: Why did you want to become a DJ?

Duo: I’ve always been fascinated by the art of DJing and my friends always told me to “…go and use my powers for a greater purpose!”. The idea of putting myself in such a position initially scared the s#@t out of me (I mean just look at all the buttons), but I did my research, grabbed my talented friend who’s a producer and DJ who taught me a few thangs, then the moment I attempted my very first transition I got the itch and it stuck.

MERAKI: Describe playing live in three words

Duo: Climatic, Zesty, Disobedient

MERAKI: What's the most important thing about DJing to you?

Duo: Besides having the best time... I’d say, truly connecting with the music you’re playing and the energy in the room, (and I don’t know how) but after that everything clicks.

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