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Clubs may be closed but DJ Programma has captured that deep and bass-heavy London sound that every raver knows too well. Our latest edition in our mix series will take you back to those 3a.m. moments that seem like a distant memory. Sit back, headphones on and listen to the atmospheric sounds of DJ Programma. WE WILL DANCE AGAIN!

MERAKI: When did you last dance?

DJ Programma: Before Lockdown I managed to fit in one last party, to see the legendary Funk, Soul and House DJ, Sadar Bahar. He was playing at Night Tales and I had miss-timed the trek from South to East London so arrived after the entry time. After a bit of a blag, we were let in and walked into a 110% packed sweaty room of partygoers. Commanding them all was Sadar spinning a vinyl only set of rare records using an E & S Rotary mixer. I had never seen a DJ use this mixer. It’s the size of a thick book and he effortlessly threw down tunes using it like an instrument. It really was a display of expert track selection without the obsession of the perfect mix and blend DJs can obsess over. A true party.

MERAKI: Where’s your favourite place to dance?

DJ Programma: I was lucky enough to go there before it turned into a nightclub and seeing what it has become demonstrates how a space/idea can be converted/realised. Printworks has everything needed for the rave experience: day to night transition, a powerful sound system, an architectural space to explore, transfixing visuals and a non sanitised feel. If you can afford the drinks and ticket prices. It’s wicked.

MERAKI: What inspires you?

DJ Programma: Listening to pirate station cassette recordings on my Walkman. I used to make these as a teenager, I've got a decent collection. I would wait for DJs to play certain tracks and take them to my mates or record shops and ask what the tunes were called so I could buy them. Reminiscing on those times and how exciting it was evokes a powerful deep connection to why I am still musically involved.

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