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For our fourth mix we are travelling outside of of London and showcasing a DJ and producer from Newcastle: Cass Lamb. Cass has been collecting records for about six years and can regularly be found crate digging at the local record stores in the city, such as 586 records. During this time, Cass has built up a unique collection of techno, deeper house, electro, breaks, UK garage and some disco.

MERAKI: What was the last record you bought?

CASS: 49ers – Don't You Love Me

I bought this for cheap in a charity shop across from where I work. I like picking up tracks with just the artwork and an element of chance to go off; a proper record shop with everything available to listen to can sometimes be a bit overwhelming! I also like the idea of salvaging these thrown-away records, and you end up with stacks of unique stuff for next to nothing. This one is a lovely early 90's Italian house track, tonnes of flavour!

MERAKI: What's the most important thing about DJing to you?

CASS: DJing for me is joining the dots between different moods, and a lot of the DJs I admire and the sets I enjoy flick between contrasting styles in a way that is dynamic but coherent. I think there's a lot of fun to be had as a jockey and as a dancer in playing and hearing tracks that compliment and bring out the best in each other; like going from something melodic, funky, or lighthearted into something darker, and back again.

MERAKI: Describe playing live in three words.

CASS: Don't fear mistakes

Cass has been playing parties in Newcastle for the last four years or so. Perhaps we are biased because two-thirds of Meraki (Megan Leo & Boo) are from the north-east, but the parties in the city are just so magical - we love that place and feel honoured to be showcasing one of the toon's up and coming stars.

Cass is focusing his time this year on making music. He released a single, 'Coming Up for Air' on Kaneda Records earlier this year. You can listen and purchase via Bandcamp.

We can't wait to hear more productions from Cass in the future and hope you enjoy this mix :)

Find Cass on Instagram Soundcloud & Facebook

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