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Taking over our mix series this week is Carbon Void; an incredible selector and producer from London. His mix is eclectic, dynamic and full of interesting gems; we would expect nothing less from Carbon Void. You can also check out his latest productions on Bandcamp here.

MERAKI: Who’s your favourite DJ to see live?

Carbon Void: Probably my most inspiring experiences have been seeing Mr G live, not strictly a DJ set but the way he moves on stage is unique, personal and declares himself freely expressed. Also the way he controls the bass in his live performances reveals his history with the sound system culture, just an incredible approach to music which is a blast to see and hear.

MERAKI: What inspires you?

Carbon Void: Recently I've got a lot of inspiration from digging around YouTube for things like old documentaries, propaganda, early 20th century experimental music etc.. Sampling for me is a way to impart personal meaning and I get a lot of satisfaction from creating narrative in this way.

MERAKI: What’s the most important thing about DJing to you?

Carbon Void: Obviously having fun is a big one, but for me the way we DJ often reflects how we feel and can show both our ego and insecurities, those differing approaches we take to the decks can reveal to us if we are truly connected to the present or rather some far off abstracted concept. Through music we get to show a piece of ourselves, on a personal level our art helps direct us.

Find Carbon Void on Soundcloud & Instagram

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