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BYO Boogie is an open decks OG, spinning disco on vinyl and getting the whole room dancing. His mix is a perfect Sunday vibe, we suggest you make a coffee, find a sun spot and enjoy the tunes. Or maybe you’re going to bake a banana bread and groove around the kitchen. Either way we know it’s going to lift your mood and set you right for the week ahead.

Visit our IGTV to see his guide on how to set up a turntable correctly.

You can find BYO Boogie on Insta & Mixcloud

MERAKI: What was the first record you ever bought?

BYO Boogie: I was gifted records by artists like David Bowie and The Police by family members when I was first getting into vinyl, but the first record I bought with my own money was 'Flood' by They Might Be Giants from Hairy Records in Liverpool (which sadly no longer exists). A wonderful, quirky record by a group that I still love today.

MERAKI: Last record you bought?

BYO Boogie: The reissue of Dr. Mary Sullivan Bain's 'Do You Know Black History' on Backatcha records. I'd been after this record for a while after hearing it at Spiritland in King's Cross, but only recent picked up a copy. I love the vibe of the record and the story behind it is super interesting! It's an educational record recorded by a Miami school teacher but the production is just pristine. I decided to end my Meraki mix with this record to provide a breather after all the hard-hitting funk and jazz.

MERAKI: Favourite place to dance

BYO Boogie:Anywhere with a great sound system! I love hi-fi sound, so Brilliant Corners in London and the Beauty and the Beat parties are top of the list, and I can't wait to visit them again after lockdown. What was the first record you ever bought?

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