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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Our latest mix is from the owner of 586 Records, Antony Daly. 586 records is a vinyl only record store, based in Newcastle and also has an online store. Check out the online catalogue here.

Antony has been deein the DEX since Summer 1991. He was resident at Reverb in Newcastle, early 2000's and more recently, Resident and Co-Promoter of Suono. Occasional DJ, full-time Grouch and most certainly one of the nicest guys we have ever met!

Give him a follow @peterlee586

MERAKI: What do you think makes a good DJ?

Antony: Lack of Ego, Mixing, Selections. Having an awareness of your crowd, surroundings and timing

MERAKI: Where’s your favourite place to dance?

Antony: Outdoors. 100’s or 1000’s of miles away

MERAKI: What’s your first memory of music?

Antony: The sound of the Car Radio, on long holiday drives

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