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This week our mix comes from London based Amaliah, a newcomer on the scene with sounds that go far beyond her years. Originating as an avid disco and soul collector, her sets consist of melodic rhythms that spread near and far; from Nigerian Boogie to original 70s disco to heavier UK sounds. She also runs her own label, Borne Fruits, which hosts intimate, small scale parties around London and a monthly show on Balamii Radio. Her curated nights and set lists continue to show she is a true experimental selector. 

Her mix for our series is fun and fresh, starting off with soul and disco, then to house and tech-house then to bass and garage for heavier UK rhythms. Prepare to move your body as she brings the festival vibes.

MERAKI: Describe playing live in three words

Amaliah: Jubilant, fulfilling and dynamic

MERAKI: When did you last dance?

Amaliah: Yesterday in the sun

MERAKI: What was the last track you put on repeat?

Amaliah: I recently copped Fassionola Fanihi's latest album 'Citric Acid' which is a treat of nostalgic acid delights. Fave track which has been on loop is 'Hotel Nikko'

You can find Amaliah on Instagram and SoundCloud.

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